Whether it’s finding evidence to put away society’s worst, uncovering information that exonerates the innocent, or helping organizations protect their company assets, Magnet Forensics products are there for our customers to help them do their jobs easier and faster. Read firsthand accounts from a variety of different backgrounds in one of our customer case studies below.

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IT Group, United Kingdom

IT Group is a leading United Kingdom supplier of IT consultancy, forensic investigations and expert witness services. Read how they used AXIOM to reveal the most essential artifacts when investigating intellectual property theft.

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Troy Schnack, Federal Public Defender, U.S.

Troy Schnack, a forensic examiner with the United States Federal Public Defender for the Western District of Missouri, explains how AXIOM’s timelining and artifacts-oriented approach were crucial to exonerating a man of federal child exploitation charges.

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Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, U.S.

The IMPD's digital forensics lab has used Magnet ATLAS to manage complex cases with dozens of devices, and to report accurate statistics for grant funding.

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Giovanni Masucci

The tragic consequences of texting while driving don’t always involve fatalities. In many cases they result in life-altering traumatic injuries. Such was the case in a 2013 collision in a New Jersey subdivision, in which a 17-year-old girl crossed the center line and hit a car carrying an older couple. The crash was severe enough to cause all three parties to lose consciousness, among other injuries.

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Nelson Forensic & Advisory Services, LLC

Alan Nelson, Founder and Managing Director of Dallas (Texas)-based Nelson Forensic & Advisory Services, LLC, has used AXIOM in several investigations and recommends it to any certified public accountant (CPA) or certified fraud examiner (CFE).

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Lt. Darin Meadows has been focusing on digital forensics for the last 17 years, as he currently serves more than 130,000 residents in Warner Robins, Georgia as part of the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

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The members of the Cyber Crimes Section of one of the three largest Police Departments in the United States know firsthand that the demands for digital forensic services can be challenging for any law enforcement agency. They used Magnet ATLAS to help make sure requests were handled in a timely and effective manner.

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As a small information technology service provider based in South Africa, Craig Pedersen’s company, The Computer Guyz, is frequently called upon to offer digital forensics services for both public and private sector clients. Whether it’s corporate clients that need his team to acquire and process forensically sound digital evidence, a civil matter that morphs into a criminal case, or law enforcement that need support on a tough case, the importance of powerful tools cannot be overstated.

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Chris Brinkworth, director of forensics and e-discovery, describes how his team at the Minnesota-based consulting firm uses Magnet Forensics products while offering enterprise information technology architecture, cybersecurity assessments, and e-discovery and digital forensics.

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Det. James Howe performs digital investigations for his and other units, not only investigating homicides, but also other untimely deaths on a rotating basis.

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Carol Gudbrandsen is responsible for supporting 42 agencies with their mobile device and computer forensic examinations. She’s also a member of the state’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, which allows her to assist agencies that have no one at all to examine their digital evidence.

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