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XFS Parsing Now in Magnet AXIOM Cyber 5.7

The latest version of Magnet AXIOM Cyber, 5.7, is now available!

You can upgrade to AXIOM Cyber 5.7 in-product or over at the Customer Portal.

We’re happy to share that the XFS parsing beta was successful and we have officially incorporated it as core functionality of AXIOM Cyber. We’ve also given you greater control when it comes to remotely acquiring data for companies that use proxy servers to segment networks.

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XFS Parsing

In version 5.6 of AXIOM Cyber, we released beta functionality for XFS parsing. Thanks to everyone who participated in that beta, and based on the success of it, we’re confident to now introduce XFS parsing—including LVM2 support—as core functionality of AXIOM Cyber.

The XFS file system, commonly paired with RedHat Linux, Amazon Linux, and CentOS operating systems, is a prime target for cyberattacks like malware, data exfiltration, advanced persistent threats and a whole host of other threats from bad actors.

When a security incident happens and you need to analyze XFS data, using tools that are familiar and known to your team, tools like AXIOM Cyber, are going to be key to ensuring that you can find exactly what it is that you’re looking for in the shortest amount of time.

Control How You Remotely Collect From Segmented Networks

In AXIOM Cyber 5.4 we introduced support for remotely collecting data from networks segmented by proxy servers. AXIOM Cyber automatically detects if a proxy server is present, and if so, would deliver the remote agent to the target endpoint via the proxy server.

However what happens if there is a specific proxy server that you want the remote agent to use for callback?

New in 5.7 is the ability to manually configure proxy settings. You now have control over proxy connection method: automatic detection or manually set a proxy server, include server IP address or hostname and the proxy server port.

New Artifacts

  • ProtonMail Contacts // Android
  • ProtonMail Emails // Android
  • PowerLog Battery // iOS
  • Shutdown // iOS

Updated Artifacts

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Grindr
  • Rebuilt Desktops
  • Signal
  • Snapchat
  • Trash Items
  • WeChat
  • Wickr

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And, if you’re interested in the 5.7 of release of Magnet AXIOM, read about it in this blog post.

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