Updated Memory Analysis Capabilities in Magnet IGNITE

As preventative tools have gotten more adept at blocking traditional cyberattacks, bad actors have increasingly leveraged tactics that run only in memory, making them near invisible to most detection tools. In the absence of detectable evidence on drive data, memory analysis is needed to identify threats advanced persistent threats (APTs) leveraging fileless malware and living off the land (LOTL) techniques.

Introducing Case Sharing and Collaboration in Magnet IGNITE

Responding to cyber security incidents often necessitates leveraging the experience of the broader team to ensure a quick and complete response. IGNITE now allows you to easily share and collaborate on cases within your organization, helping your team work together to reach a quick resolution.

Four Benefits of Combining Magnet IGNITE and AXIOM Cyber

Things need to move quickly in cybersecurity. When a potential compromise is uncovered, the more time it takes to determine the scope of the incident and the root cause, the greater the risk of data exfiltration and overall impact on the operation and reputation of the business.

The Right Tools for Efficient Client Investigations

As internal Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) teams struggle to manage the volume of investigations and demanding reporting timelines, they are increasingly reliant on external forensic service providers to augment their range of capabilities, software, and bandwidth.

The Expanding Case for Early Case Assessment With Rapid Triage Tools

How can we possibly keep up against cybersecurity threats? The instances of cybersecurity threats targeting businesses continue to grow at an alarming rate—with cyberattack attempts on corporate networks increasing by 50% per week compared to last year. Not to mention the evolution in the complexity and sophistication of these threats.