Google Warrant Returns in Magnet AXIOM

Did you know AXIOM has built in support for Google Warrant Returns as part of our Cloud Warrant Returns feature. If you have received a return from Google in a .zip format, you can load it into AXIOM and process that evidence alongside other evidence in your case. Google Warrant Returns can be highly valuable … Continued

Instagram Warrant Returns in Magnet AXIOM

AXIOM Cloud supports warrant returns from a variety of providers including Instagram. Instagram warrant returns can contain a wealth of data and are available in two formats; namely .pdf and .zip. AXIOM can process warrant returns from Instagram in the .zip format. According to Instagram, the content of the records in both the PDF file … Continued

Snapchat Warrant Returns in Magnet AXIOM

Snapchat Warrant Returns are one of the supported platforms for analysis in AXIOM. With the Cloud feature, you can load the .zip file you receive from Snapchat into AXIOM and be able to parse a wide array of content alongside your other evidence in the case. This will allow you to timeline Snapchat artifacts alongside … Continued

Google G Suite in Magnet AXIOM Cyber

Google accounts with G Suite administrator privileges often have access to more data than typical user accounts. With an Administrator account, not only can you access user account Gmail and Drive contents but also audit lots providing more in-depth analysis into your G Suite environment. When utilizing G Suite administrator privileges, you can choose to access data … Continued