Our Contributions to the Reform of the Justice Sector and Racial Equality

As a follow up to our recent statement on the death of George Floyd and the broader issue of racial equality and the justice sector, we want to thank the DFIR community for your feedback and recommendations on how we can best contribute to this important cause and help drive positive change.

As mentioned previously, Magnet Forensics will be making donations to charities that support reform of the justice system towards racial equality. We took some time to consider the feedback received to ensure our choices align to organizations and programs that we believe will make a tangible impact. 

We are proud to now share that, in the United States, Magnet Forensics we will be donating to the Center for Policing Equity. We were struck by their bold call to action in light of recent events: “Right now, finding justice feels a long way off. And measuring justice feels impossible. Let’s do the impossible.” Beyond their ambitious goals, we are pleased to support their data-driven approach and constructive dialogue with police agencies to achieve meaningful reforms. 

Within Canada, we will be making a donation to the Black Legal Action Centre. This law clinic is focused on low-or-no income members of the Black community. They provide legal support to communities in need with a broad justice focus including support in proceedings related to employment, housing education, human rights, and police complaints.

We will also be donating to Friendship Centres, who provide services to improve the quality of life for Indigenous persons living in urban environments. We will be steering our funding towards their justice programs which include support to indigenous youth to ensure they’re treated fairly through the court process when charged with a criminal offense.

In addition to these financial donations Magnet will be donating our software, in-kind, to organizations with financial need, whose activities align with our mission to “Seek Justice, Protect the Innocent”. Eligible organizations will include public sector agencies as well as charities/not-for-profits who are similarly committed to driving justice sector change in a tangible way. A formal portal to request such support will be online later this year.

Adam Belsher (CEO) & Jad Saliba (Founder & CTO)

Note: Since this post originally appeared, Magnet Forensics has also announced the creation of The Auxtera Project, a charitable platform to ensure justice is achieved in cases with critical digital evidence—regardless of socio-economic considerations. 

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