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New Solution Brief: Complement Your SOAR by Automatically Collecting, Processing, & Preserving Forensic Evidence

In this solution brief, learn how Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise complements SOAR solutions to enable immediate and automatic collections and forensic processing at scale.

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Benefits of Automation in DFIR

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) use cases require the coordinated effort of people, processes, and technology. Orchestration and automation solutions can help forensics labs:

  • Define and execute digital workflows;
  • Increase the speed, scale, and accuracy of task execution; and
  • Make optimal use of the resources that an organization already has.

Forensic Use Cases Call for a Forensics Solution

Unlike SOAR solutions for security operations, Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise is purpose-built for digital forensics use cases, orchestrating and automating workflows and employing an integrated Magnet AXIOM engine to increase the speed and scale of evidence collection, processing, and preservation.

However, one of the primary benefits of a SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform is orchestrating workflows and delegating to other point solutions to do the processing and analysis of data, whereas Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise goes beyond coordination of workflows and performs forensic processing directly, at scale—just one of the attributes that makes it very different from a SOAR.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the primary benefits of AUTOMATE Enterprise complement SOAR solutions to create an efficient, streamlined approach from detection through to collection and deep dive analysis in AXIOM Cyber
  • An example of how AUTOMATE Enterprise enables a streamlined response to malware investigations when integrated with a SOAR
  • Additional ways you can integrate AUTOMATE Enterprise with security event platforms (e.g., Splunk Phantom), digital workflow managers (e.g., ServiceNow), extended detection and response (XDR) platforms, and Digital Loss Prevention (DLP) tools

Click here to directly download a PDF of the solution brief.

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