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New Self-Paced Tutorial Gives Stakeholders a Guided Tour of Portable Case

Often during a digital forensic examination, it is necessary to identify, share and collaborate on important evidence with other stakeholders such as investigators, attorneys, subject matter experts, and clients. Instead of sending all the information in a format that may be difficult to decipher, you can use one of the hidden gems in Magnet AXIOM: creating a Portable Case.

A Portable Case can be created by any AXIOM or IEF user to collaborate on a case with other stakeholders and it can include all the digital evidence that has been acquired and recovered in a case — or the examiner can omit pieces that shouldn’t be shared.

Introducing the Portable Case Tutorial

In order to get the most out of a Portable Case, everyone involved with the evidence should be up to speed on how to use it. That’s why the Training team at Magnet Forensics put together an easy and interactive 45-minute tutorial to help stakeholders learn what to look for in a Portable Case.

Magnet Forensics’ Director of Training, Jamey Tubbs says: “We really focused on making this tutorial engaging for anyone. We want to make sure viewers absorb the information so the next time they receive a Portable Case from an examiner, they’re able to save time looking over the evidence.”

If you’re working with a stakeholder who will be receiving a Portable Case, send them here to view the course. The tutorial is free and encouraged for anyone to view — simply visit this page and fill out the form on the right hand side for instant access.

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