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New Broad Consent Feature for Magnet GRAYKEY

Digital forensic professionals and Android users know the Android smartphone market is extremely fragmented. Multiple manufactures, coupled with a variety of chipsets, make it difficult to provide our customers with access and extraction capabilities they need. On November 10, 2022, we introduced Broad Consent access for Android devices, giving users the ability to potentially access consent Android devices we have not provided support for to-date.  

Why did we create this feature? 

We are a customer-first company and customer feedback is front and center in everything we do. GRAYKEY users have been asking for access to Blu, Bluboo, Bluedot, Huawei, Oppo, and other devices to help support the long tail of smartphones in Android’s fragmented ecosystem. To help users, especially in international markets, address their challenges with accessing devices from these manufactures, we released Broad Consent access.  

How Can This Help Me and How does it work? 

Any Magnet GRAYKEY user who has a consent Android device can benefit from this feature. If you have an Android device and know the passcode, simply plug the device into GRAYKEY. We cannot predict if all devices that fit the supported manufacturers and chipsets will be supported so we are encouraging customers to plug in the devices regardless. If the device is supported, it will proceed to get a Full File System extraction. If the device is unsupported, the user will be notified.  

We are also encouraging every Online GRAYKEY user to enable diagnostics on their GRAYKEY devices and plug in every Android device they encounter, even if it isn’t currently supported. Our research team uses this telemetry to help prioritize device support and develop access capabilities for the devices you are encountering most in the field. 

Broad Consent is the first step of many towards a future where we can provide users with more access to Android devices. Moving forward, we anticipate that GRAYKEY users will not need to worry if an Android device is supported or not before connecting it to GRAYKEY – all they need to do is connect the device and GRAYKEY will proceed to extract data or inform the user the device is not supported. Broad Consent will help users save time and accelerate their investigations when an Android device is involved.

All current GRAKEY users have access to Broad Consent, regardless of license type.

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