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Magnet Virtual Summit CTF Prizes Announced

Hi! This is Jessica Hyde, Director of Forensics here at Magnet Forensics. I have been having a great time working with the amazing students; Jordan Kimball, Madi Brumbelow, and Dylan Navarro, from the Champlain Digital Forensics Association on this year’s annual Magnet Virtual Summit Capture the Flag event scheduled for May 12. We are really excited for the fantastic new image set and the questions that will be released. But we also wanted to share our prizes which have now been confirmed!

First Place

  • SANS Netwars Continuous
  • Magnet First Place Prize Pack
  • Magnet CTF Challenge Coin

Second Place

  • Leahy Center Price Pack
  • Champlain Digital Forensics Association Prize Pack
  • Magnet Second Place Prize Pack

Third Place

  • Magnet Third Place Prize Pack
  • Magnet CTF Challenge Coin

Just like last year, if a perfect score is not obtained by the end of the CTF an additional prize will be added for the First to Finish! 

Want to play?  Register for the CTF as part of the Magnet Virtual Summit. Be sure to register early as images will be released ahead of time to allow time for processing and advanced exploration. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter as I will be sharing tweets throughout the month that may contain helpful clues or references.

And be sure to check out my upcoming #CacheUp with Maddie Brumbelow on April 27 where we will talk about the CTF as well as what it is like to be a student at Champlain College and  her non-profit Techdren.  A not-to-miss episode for #MVS2021CTF players!

A special thank you once again to our fabulous CTF sponsors, SANS, Leahy Center, and the Champlain Digital Forensics Association. We look forward to seeing you at the Magnet Virtual Summit CTF. Good luck, everyone!

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