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Magnet Forensics and Grayshift, Partnering to Preserve Justice

We at Magnet Forensics are pleased to announce our partnership with Grayshift. At the core of this partnership is a shared commitment to helping law enforcement agencies seek justice and protect the innocent.

Citizens may not realize, but the technologies that allow us to socially connect and conduct commerce with the touch of a smartphone have also created complexities for law enforcement agencies as they investigate crimes such as human trafficking, child sexual exploitation, homicide and virtually every type of crime today where a smartphone can be involved. In some instances, the very fact that critical evidence resides on a smartphone has led investigations to a dead end. This is the unfortunate reality, even when police agencies have a court-order to review such evidence. 

To date, there have been limited options for law enforcement to address this challenge. 

We hear regularly from digital forensic investigators and police leaders that the existing mobile forensics solutions have created challenges for law enforcement agencies in terms of containing their cost, getting to critical digital evidence in a timely fashion, and preserving chain of custody. Some have expressed deep concern with the idea of having to pick and choose which cases get to have digital forensic examinations due to the cost of a mobile forensics examination. In other instances, we have heard questions arise about the chain of custody in cases where smartphones have to be shipped, sometimes abroad, to be unlocked for examination.

Addressing these challenges are central to the technology partnership of Magnet AXIOM and GrayKey.

A Commitment to Law Enforcement and Helping Uphold the Rule of Law

Magnet Forensics has always made it our mission to help law enforcement agencies use every lawful tool at their disposal to find the evidence that can save lives and convict or exonerate suspects. Ultimately, finding the truth is core to our purpose and technology.

The partnership between Magnet AXIOM and GrayKey will give digital investigators the ability to acquire, analyze and report on lawfully acquired digital evidence from iOS devices. We are allowing agencies to utilize these tools in their labs, saving them time and preserving chain of custody. We believe that all cases with critical digital evidence should have access to the digital forensics lab when the agency has the proper authority to review such evidence.

The partnership between Magnet Forensics and Grayshift goes beyond an obvious technological fit and need for mobile forensics options that address current gaps. As we have gotten to know the team at GrayKey, we have learned that at our cores, we share a commitment to law enforcement agencies in their pursuit of justice and upholding the rule of law.

Read more about the partnership between Magnet Forensics and Grayshift here

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