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Keyboard Shortcuts to Help Your AXIOM Examinations Run More Efficiently

Few people can work in technology without eventually learning that keyboard shortcuts can make your work just that little bit more efficient. The seconds you can save in using your keyboard—rather than your mouse to navigate to the correct menu and menu item—do add up, after all.

The more features AXIOM adds, the more important it is to be able to use the application efficiently. For example, you might want to rapidly tag the flagged chat conversations or pictures in Magnet.AI, or a particular path routed in Connections. Or, you might want to toggle between views without moving windows or closing them out entirely.

In our recent Minute with Magnet, Josh Dela Cruz explained how you can use the ALT key combined with other keys in Magnet AXIOM to quickly switch between explorers and screen views, expand and collapse different viewing panes, and jump through keyword hits:

Some shortcuts rely on standard Windows conventions, such as Esc to exit the program or close a window, Ctrl-C to copy content, Ctrl-X to cut, and Ctrl-V to paste. Others, though, are AXIOM-specific. You can use keyboard shortcuts to:

  • Apply tags such as the Bookmark (Ctrl-D), Evidence (Ctrl-1), and Of Interest (Ctrl-3).
  • Manage all tags in the Evidence window. (Ctrl-B)
  • Use the space bar (depending on the active user interface control) to click a button, select a text box, select an option, or apply the Bookmark tab.
  • Open a case that’s saved to your computer (Ctrl-O).
Shortcut Command
CTRL + A Select all
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + B Manage tags in the Evidence window.
CTRL + D Apply the Bookmark tag.
CTRL + O Open a case you have saved on your computer.
CTRL + 1 Apply the Evidence tag.
CTRL + 3 Apply the Of interest tag.
F1 Open the online Magnet AXIOM User Guide.
SPACEBAR Click a button, select a check box, select an option or apply the Bookmark tag (depending on active user interface control).
ENTER Equivalent to clicking Okay when an option is selected in a menu.
ESC Exit or close a window.
ALT + F4 Quit application.
ALT + ENTER Start a new paragraph line in the Comments field.
ALT + Number Switch between explorers. View the number that corresponds to each explorer in the explorer drop-down list.
ALT + SHIFT + Number Switch between views (for example, conversation view, column view, and so on). View the number that corresponds to each view in the view drop-down list.
ALT + Left arrow Expand or collapse Navigation.
ALT + Down arrow Expand or collapse Tags, comments, & profiles.
ALT + Right arrow Expand or collapse Details.

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