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Introducing the Magnet Forensics Discord Server

As you may remember, as part of the Magnet Virtual Summit, we hosted channels for our conversations with the forensic community by partnering with the Digital Forensics Discord Server for our industry talks. With the success of that, we decided that it makes sense to host a Magnet Forensics Discord Server so that we can address Magnet specific content in the same way!

We will be kicking off the Magnet Forensics Discord Server as part of our Virtually Together event on Sept 15-16. During each of the talks, you will have the opportunity to speak with each other as well as speakers after the conclusion of their talks. How do I join these conversations? Join the Magnet Forensics Discord Server here.

We will be using the Magnet Forensics Discord Server for more than just this one event! Moving forward, the server will be the go-to space for other live Magnet events. There will be channels to converse with the Magnet Forensics Examiners during our Tips & Tricks each Thursday at 11:00AM ET as well as during other webinars. Additionally, this is a great place to ask questions about the Weekly Magnet Forensics CTF debuting Oct 5.

The team here at Magnet Forensics has been working hard to continue to bring a fantastic experience, and we wanted to be able to connect with you during virtual sessions. And if you are a fan of the original Digital Forensics Discord Server, so are we! We will continue to have a presence there for industry content as well as connecting on a variety of forensics topics. Not a member of the Digital Forensics Discord Server? Check it out here:

If you are new to the Digital Forensics Discord Server, check out this great post about getting started by Andrew Rathbun. Thank you to Andrew and all the moderators at the Digital Forensics Discord Server for all their support over the last year.

Let me know if you have questions by reaching out to me via email I look forward to seeing you on both the Magnet Forensics Discord Server and the Digital Forensics Discord Server.

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