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Introducing Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise

Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise is a New Solution to Help Enterprises Respond to Security Incidents Faster.

Growing data volumes, an ever-expanding surface attack area, and evolving cyberattacks have enterprises on their heels trying to keep up. If they don’t, the outcomes are costly: disruption of service or operations, loss of data, IP, or money, and potentially irreparable damage to the company’s brand and reputation.

And it’s not a matter of if a security event will happen, but when.

When a security event happens, enterprises need technology at their fingertips to help them respond as fast as possible and minimize the damage.

Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise is purpose-built and designed for businesses that automates tasks and tools in digital forensics and incident response workflows so forensics teams can respond to security events faster.

How Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise Can Help

Here are some of the ways that AUTOMATE Enterprise can help minimize downtime and enable your lab to respond faster:

Parallel Processing

Automatically image, process, and create exports for multiple items of evidence in parallel. Process evidence from computer, mobile, and cloud sources to ensure that you can follow your investigation across different data sources.

Remote Collection

Remotely collect data at scale from multiple target endpoints sequentially and in parallel. AUTOMATE Enterprise takes an ad hoc approach to remote collection so you can create and deploy agents with speed and confidence.

Drag-and-Drop Workflow Builder

AUTOMATE Enterprise’s drag-and-drop workflow builder makes it easy to develop efficient, automated workflows across your entire forensic toolkit.

Export Evidence to AXIOM Cyber

After data has been processed using AUTOMATE Enterprise, export evidence as a Magnet case file so it can be examined with AXIOM Cyber.

Analytics Dashboards and Reporting

Clear, visual dashboards help you to quickly assess lab infrastructure health and provide you with key insights for smarter resourcing decisions. Easily report on the value of your lab investments by tracking overall throughput, and efficiency metrics.

Save Time, Respond Faster

The response time to security events is often slowed because Forensics teams need to manually launch various steps of an investigation. Hours are lost as investigations stall between shifts, in evenings, on weekends and during holidays. Through automation, Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise keeps investigations running 24/7.

Steve Gemperle Magnet Forensics Forensic Consultant Retired Senior Special Agent United States Secret ServiceWhen I was a Senior Special Agent running a Digital Forensics lab, I wish I had a solution like Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise. The number of hours—even minutes sometimes—that I could have saved would have been a real gamechanger for me, my team, and the enterprise organizations that we helped.
Steve Gemperle
Magnet Forensics Forensic Consultant
Retired Senior Special Agent
United States Secret Service

Watch our webinar, Introducing Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise, to see firsthand how Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise can help you and your business automate tools and tasks in your DFIR workflow to minimize downtime and enable your lab to respond to security events faster.

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