Automate Digital Forensics Tools and Tasks

An automation solution purpose-built for enterprises to concurrently collect and process evidence from multiple targets and data sources so businesses can respond to security events faster.

Automation can help businesses work through digital investigations faster

Cybersecurity threats are increasing in frequency and complexity, from outside and within. Addressing the problem goes beyond the number of people working on it — the right technology is also required. Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise enables you to respond to security events faster by automating tools and tasks and reducing the number of manual touchpoints in your DFIR workflow.

Automate the tools and tasks in your forensics workflows

Respond to security incidents faster

Concurrently collect data from multiple endpoints

Ensure analysts are working on high-value tasks

Parallel Processing

Automatically process, and create exports for multiple sources of evidence (computer, mobile, and cloud) in parallel. Plus you can remotely collect data from multiple target endpoints in parallel using an ad hoc approach that promotes speed and efficiency without needing an agent every single endpoint.

Build Streamlined Workflows

The drag-and-drop workflow builder makes it easy to define and implement workflows that seamlessly integrate solutions from your forensic toolkit, including EDR tooling or incident detection systems. And for increased flexibility, integrate your own custom scripts.

Examine Evidence with AXIOM Cyber

After data has been processed using AUTOMATE Enterprise, export evidence as a Magnet case file so it can be examined with AXIOM Cyber. Benefit from the deep parsing and carving capabilities in AXIOM Cyber when you analyze the results and ensure you are getting the most complete view of the case

Measure, Report, and Act on Lab Insights

Clear, visual dashboards help you quickly assess lab infrastructure health so you can get key insights for smarter resourcing decisions. Easily report on the value of your lab and team by tracking overall throughput and efficiency metrics.

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