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How the Right Digital Forensics Certification Makes an Impact

Chuck Cobb on the Importance of Digital Forensics CertificationIn this blog post, Magnet Forensics VP of Training, Chuck Cobb shares the importance of Digital Forensics Certification while talking about the expanding certification landscape and how finding the right certification for your role can have a bigger effect than having a number of disparate certifications.

Technology is shrinking the globe. Entire industries, companies, and cultures now experience constant change in the way they do business and educate.

For those in the field of digital investigations, where examiners and investigators alike are challenged to stay on top of change, education and training are of remarkable importance.

Digital Forensics Certification Gaining Significance

Pre-employment education and on-the-job experience are at the core of success. However, in recent years, technical certifications have gained increasing significance. Now, they play a key role supplementing the granting of degrees by post-secondary and graduate institutions. 

No one would argue that earning a degree in a tech field is any less important than it has ever been. If one wishes to pursue a long-term career in a technological field, a degree is almost always a prerequisite. What has changed is the ever-growing role that professional certifications play in extending the skills, credibility, and relevance of the certification holder. Acronyms seem to have taken over the signature line of many a tech player’s email, and become the top section of the job seeker’s resume and simply keeping the alphabet soup of certifications current after you achieve them has become a half-time job in and of itself.

Now we find the pendulum swinging back towards a more practical approach, requiring many digital investigators to be more selective about which certifications they wish to achieve and keep. With the weight of what digital investigators do, obtaining the right training and certification is simply more important than it possibly could be in most other tech fields.

Certification in any facet of digital investigations stands as a testament to your skill level, and as a validator in a court of law and to a potential employer. Digital investigations and forensics have a human impact that is above and beyond that of other technical certifications.  Training and certified competence for those who influence over these kinds of impacts is much more than a responsibility, it is an obligation.

Magnet Forensics Certification Validates Your Skill Level

At Magnet Forensics, we know our tools and training are built to address the needs of real digital forensics examiners who deal with a high volume of cases, data, and responsibility. We know this because we’ve built our tools based on the experience and input of real world examiners who do the job every day.

The Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner (MCFE) – AXIOM certification indicates that the holder has proven their expertise in understanding forensics methodologies and concepts, and extends that certified expertise to the use of our Magnet AXIOM digital forensics tool.

MCFE – AXIOM certification assures the courts, your peers, employers, and other stakeholders that you’re fully qualified to conduct examinations using this revolutionary tool. In court, certification says you can be trusted, and the absence of certification opens up room for doubt. Within your professional peer community, that same credibility of certification gives you a valid voice. To current or future employers, the MCFE seal tells stakeholders that you do more than just talk the talk, you’ve proven that you can walk the walk.

At the end of the day, the most compelling reason to train and certify in the tools you use is that not doing so is simply irresponsible. Sworn officer, civilian examiner, military warrior or IT/HR investigator, you’re outcomes greatly impact people and the world we live in. Training and certification makes it clear you recognize your obligation to be the best that you can be in the job that you do.

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