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Employee Misconduct Investigations — Get the Whole Story with Magnet AXIOM Cyber

Employee Misconduct cases, usually initiated by HR or from managers, can be wide ranging. From harassment, to misuse of corporate assets, to visiting prohibited websites while at work, Employee Misconduct has a very real toll on organizations.

With harassment alone, 70% of people who are bullied or harassed in the workplace end up leaving their employer. This employee turnover can result in significant costs such as retraining, lost productivity, and even potential Wrongful Termination lawsuits—not to mention intangible costs such as the impacts on company culture, workplace morale, and brand reputation.

How AXIOM Cyber Can Help

In these cases, swift action is needed to investigate allegations and reports from internal stakeholders so that the appropriate action can be taken.

Magnet AXIOM Cyber gives investigators the tools to quickly find the evidence that they’re looking for wherever it may be. Whether it’s a Slack conversation, communication via social media or mobile devices, or files that are buried and obfuscated on someone’s hard drive, AXIOM Cyber can help find the evidence needed to drive a decision made by HR or another stakeholder.

Watch this video from our Forensic Consultant, Trey Amick, to see how you can use AXIOM Cyber for Employee Misconduct investigations.

“I used Magnet to find artifacts and evidence from Chrome history along with Timeline to prove that a user misused company asset for sexual harassment and then to access and store inappropriate contents. It easily showed me where the content came from, what was used to open it and where it was stored along with the creation and access times. Very helpful information to win the case.”

Digital Forensic Investigator Fortune 500 Insurance Group

Below are a few other helpful ways that our customers are using Magnet AXIOM Cyber to help them with their Employee Misconduct cases:

  • Magnet.AI – For sexual harassment cases, use AI to quickly and automatically scan your case file for sexual conversations or images of nudity and surface them for review and analysis
  • Cloud Sources – Acquire from cloud services like Slack and Office 365 with user or admin credentials. Analyze cloud evidence alongside data from social media to corroborate claims of harassment
  • Covert Remote Acquisition – Covertly acquire evidence from target endpoints with a configurable remote acquisition agent so individuals accused of harassment aren’t tipped off to an investigation
  • Timeline – Speed up your investigation by narrowing in timestamps from the file system or artifacts and keywords that were reported in misconduct investigations
  • Internet Artifacts – A range of artifacts will help you determine if employees were visiting prohibited websites and prove that it was actually them or not
  • Conversation View – Rebuild chat conversations in a familiar easy-to-read view that simplifies analysis and reporting for non-technical stakeholders

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