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Cyber Unpacked: A new webinar series exploring enterprise DFIR

We’re diving deeper into the world of enterprise investigations with our latest webinar series: Cyber Unpacked, Exploring Enterprise DFIR! 

In this series, we’ll have experts—like Magnet Forensics’ Doug Metz & Jeff Rutherford—bringing their extensive knowledge of the enterprise DFIR space to you. Join us as we identify notable trends in cybercrime, internal investigations, incident response, eDiscovery support, as well as the digital transformation impact on DFIR. We’ll also share valuable tips on how examiners can help protect organizations from damage. 

Register now for the first episode of Cyber Unpacked on June 19

In the first installment of Cyber Unpacked, we’ll explore how evolving cyberthreats pose a significant challenge to examiners. We’ll take a close look at YARA rules and their place in incident response and digital forensics. Doug Metz will share extensive background information and will share some real examples from his own background—along with stories from the field—to help illustrate what can be gained. 

Register for the first episode of Cyber Unpacked here.

Keep an eye out for future episodes

In the future, we’ll have presentations on topics like mobile investigations, eDiscovery, AI & deepfake analysis, as well as moving your lab to the cloud, so be sure to check back to save your spot for the next in the series. 

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