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Clearing the Way with Magnet OUTRIDER

We’re proud to introduce Magnet OUTRIDER — a new and easy way for officers and investigators to check devices for digital contraband. OUTRIDER is an intuitive preview tool that quickly scans smartphones and computers to determine if there is illicit material present and to develop a risk profile of the target user.

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An Easy-To-Use Solution for Offender Management and Use in Search Warrants

Magnet OUTRIDER was purpose-built to be used by both technical and non-technical officers. It is ideal for offender management, or execution of search warrants and users can be up and running very quickly with minimal training — a brief 30-minute online video training video is enough to get started.

For example, parole officers need to inspect a sex offender’s devices to make sure that they are not violating the terms of their release. OUTRIDER empowers parole officers, or any other non-technical user, to create a more accurate risk assessment of offenders by performing an extremely fast scan of their computers, hard drives, USB drives, as well as Android & iOS devices, looking for objectionable material or data.

The scans are so fast in fact, that in one test case, over one million files were scanned in 40 seconds!

From there, OUTRIDER will:

  • Identify known encryption, dark web, peer-to-peer, cryptocurrency, and cloud storage apps
  • Indicate if virtual machines or anti-forensic tools are on the device
  • Utilize pre-defined or customized keyword lists to flag files names
  • Detect encryption as well as provide a warning to ensure access to data is not lost by powering down a computer with active encryption
  • Obtain the external IP address of a live computer for use in cross-referencing with other intelligence systems like the Child Protection System (CPS) or ICACCOPS — allowing for quicker identification of offenders
  • Quickly preserve located contraband to ensure evidence is not lost

By using Magnet OUTRIDER, the demand on DFUs can be reduced by limiting the number of seized devices and prioritizing those requiring urgent full forensic analysis — decreasing the time frame between arrest and charge.

How to Use Magnet OUTRIDER

Running OUTRIDER from a USB is simple. Simply launch OUTRIDER and choose whether you want to scan all the local drives on the computer or specifically target any external drives. You can also customize your keyword list or use the default one provided. Finally, give it a case or reference number and start the scan.

Magnet OUTRIDER scan

The first thing OUTRIDER will do is check for encrypted disks and notify the user when this is present as it may impact the next steps for the investigation. After the encryption check, OUTRIDER will begin scanning the selected drives for files and applications matching the keywords or applications of interest. The scan will be quick (it took about a minute and half to scan a 500 GB drive and found matches for several things of interest.)

Magnet OUTRIDER results

From there you can choose to review the matches that were found, export the data and/or collect the system for a more in-depth forensic analysis.

In addition to running from a USB to a target computer, OUTRIDER can scan smartphones — the computer simply needs to be connected to the target smartphone.

Want to Give Magnet OUTRIDER a Try?

You can take part in our extended free trial offer of Magnet OUTRIDER only until the end of 2019! If you’re in Law Enforcement and looking to try it out for yourself, visit for more information.

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