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2023 State of Enterprise DFIR Report: More Threats, Complexity, and Need for DFIR

Digital forensics has been an important part of criminal investigations for many years, but it has also become more and more valuable in corporate environments.  

In addition to investigating human resource issues, assessing policy violations and insider threats, we’re seeing DFIR solutions and expertise being utilized on a wider range of cyber incidents in the incident response space. This is due to the increasing sophistication of cyber incidents which has necessitated an increasingly sophisticated response as organizations adapt their approach to keep up with the evolving threat landscape.  

“The increasing sophistication of attacker TTPs requires an increasingly sophisticated response. As organizational defenders, incident responders and forensic investigators are working together to uncover the root cause of incidents in order to harden their environments and improve their security controls.”

Dean Turner, Vice President, Product Management, Private Sector 

This is one of the key findings of this year’s State of Enterprise DFIR report from a survey of nearly 500 corporate digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) professionals worldwide. 

Download the State of Enterprise DFIR Report now to learn more.

Learn About DFIR Trends and Challenges in the 2023 State of Enterprise DFIR Report 

In our third annual State of Enterprise DFIR report, we take a deep dive into the challenges and trends faced by DFIR professionals in the previous year. The report offers valuable insights from Magnet Forensics’ own DFIR experts, including commentary and recommendations to help you navigate those challenges and improve your overall DFIR strategy. 

Below are the three key findings that our research revealed and that we explore in-depth in the report: 

  1. Digital forensics is increasingly about incident response: As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and frequent, DFIR professionals are playing an increasingly important role in responding and investigating cyber incidents.  
  2. Automation isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity: DFIR professionals are feeling burnt out, with 54% of respondents reporting this as an issue. Nearly two-thirds also report that recruiting, hiring, and onboarding skilled professionals is a major challenge. 
  3. DFIR leadership has never been more important: DFIR leaders have a real opportunity now to shape the future of their labs. Respondents report that a lack of a cohesive IR strategy and a lack of standardized processes are major contributors to waste. Respondents also indicate that they are struggling to interpret and adapt to the array of ever-changing regulatory requirements impacting their roles. 

DFIR Has Never Been More Important—Especially in Today’s Threat Landscape  

From investigating employee misconduct cases, to ransomware, BEC scams, fraud and supporting eDiscovery, DFIR professionals are in high demand as their expertise proves essential to help safeguard organizations most critical data and assets. And as more high-profile breaches make headlines every month, cybersecurity leaders have acknowledged that its not if a breach will occur but when and they know their teams must be prepared to handle it with speed and accuracy. 

That’s why we work closely with DFIR professionals—and count them as part of our team! —so that we can build solutions they trust to help them get the evidence they need quickly in sensitive situations when the pressures on and the stakes are high. 

We hope that you find this year’s report insightful and that you walk away with actionable recommendations and tips to inform your DFIR strategies. In the coming months, we’ll be sharing more blogs and webinars that explore the key findings, challenges, and trends in this year’s report to provide you with more actionable insights for your day-to-day investigations.  

Download the State of Enterprise DFIR report now and learn more about the three key findings and our recommendations to overcome the common DFIR challenges we uncovered. 

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