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With Magnet AXIOM, you can recover digital evidence from various sources – including smartphones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and third-party images – and use powerful and intuitive analytics tools to easily analyze all data in one case file.

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Must-Try Features

  • Case Dashboard – Case Dashboard displays high level details about the case, evidence sources, and summaries of processed results, helping you determine where to kick-off your investigation and immediately jump into the evidence that matters.
  • Computer – AXIOM provides the most comprehensive and powerful recovery, analysis, and reporting tools for PCs and Macs, allowing you to recover the most artifacts like browser history, chats, pictures, and much more.
  • Mobile – Recover and analyze the most relevant chat, picture and browser history from smartphones. AXIOM’s advanced carving enables you to find deleted, encoded or encrypted data that isn’t normally discovered in the file system or with a binary keyword search.
  • Cloud – Retrieve data from 50+ of the most popular cloud services including iCloud, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and more—including additional support for other cloud services like publicly available Twitter information, warrant returns from five different service providers including Apple and Facebook, and user-request data from Facebook and Google.
  • Connections – Discover the full history of a file or artifact to build your case and prove intent. The Connections viewer in AXIOM visualizes where files came from, who they are connected to, and where they’re stored.
  • Timeline – Timeline analyzes your data across all evidentiary sources, categorizes and color-codes evidence based on user actions, and presents a visual timeline that immediately tells a story.
  • AI – Magnet.AI helps you better prioritize your time in an investigation and discover relevant evidence faster than you could with a manual review. Magnet.AI searches pictures and flags potential CSAM, nudity, weapon and drug images. Magnet.AI also reviews text-based conversations and uncovers possible child luring and sexual conversations. Check out Magnet.AI results in the Case Dashboard.
  • Memory Analysis – Simplify and expedite memory analysis with AXIOM’s Volatility integration. Instead of relying on custom scripts, you can retrieve and review memory in AXIOM by selecting artifacts. AXIOM also saves you time by automatically identifying the correct memory profile and by running multiple instances of Volatility concurrently.

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System Requirements

Note: You cannot use the image acquisition capabilities of Magnet AXIOM through a virtual machine. The rest of Magnet AXIOM functions as normal when you use it through a virtual machine.

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7. 64-bit only
  • Software Framework: Microsoft .NET 4.8. or later
  • Resolution: 1024×768 minimum, 1080p recommended
  • System Requirements: 
    • CPU: Quadcore minimum, 8-16 cores recommended
    • GPU: NVIDIA CUDA v9.0 – applicable only if using Magnet.AI picture categorization
    • Memory: 8GB RAM minimum, 32GB RAM recommended
    • Storage: HDD minimum, SSD recommended

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