Annual Report

2024 State of Enterprise DFIR

Stay ahead of digital investigation trends and challenges with insights gathered from a global survey of almost 400 DFIR professionals. In our fourth annual report, discover key findings on day-to-day investigation challenges, mobile and cloud forensics, automation, AI, and third-party service providers to help you make informed decisions.

Corporate digital forensics investigators support a wide range of business needs

DFIR professionals play an essential role in mitigating broad organizational risks such as investigating HR/internal issues, supporting eDiscovery/litigation activities and providing information vital to effective cyber incident response.

Mobile and cloud data are becoming more important

The number of mobile devices in investigations is increasing, with mobile data being used most frequently to investigate phishing (including BEC), employee misconduct, and malware-infected endpoints (including ransomware).

Automation and AI are reshaping DFIR

Automation is regarded as being immensely valuable, with increasing quality, improving efficiency, and scale.

Forensics service providers remain a valuable piece of the DFIR puzzle

Organizations trust third-parties to perform a full range of investigations, which speaks to the high degree of trust that exists between the client and the service provider.

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2024 State of Enterprise DFIR

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