Gain control over digital evidence

Unify your agency’s staff, digital evidence, and forensics technology improving your entire digital forensics workflow with more efficient, cost-effective, and collaborative investigations.

Connect your technology, people, and processes.

Digital evidence is spinning out of control: the overwhelming amount of data and inefficiencies across the entire digital forensics workflow create evidence and communication silos that lead to wasted time and cost.

The Magnet Platform connects your technology, people, and processes so you can effectively and efficiently serve justice for your community. Eliminate your case backlog, access the data that you need wherever it is, and surface cross-case insights and foster greater collaboration all with one platform.

Close cases faster with better case outcomes

We’ve invested in automation and AI to minimize—and in some cases even completely eliminate—manual, time-consuming tasks like executing workflows around data processing and extraction. Reference MNPD or Met where they have completely eliminated their case backlog or achieved 55% faster turnaround times to get evidence into the hands of investigators faster than ever before.

Unlock and access the data you need

Magnet Platform helps you get access to the data that you need wherever it is. The variety of data sources out there means that you need a set of comprehensive tools.

Connected best-in-class products for your entire workflow

Owning the best-in-class digital forensic tools for your examiners is not enough. You need a connected end-to-end solution that allows you to take control of the entire digital investigation lifecycle from device access to creation of presentation materials for court—and everything in between.

Explore some of the products in The Magnet Platform

Featured Image - Magnet Graykey

Magnet Graykey can provide same-day access to the latest iOS and Android devices – often in under one hour.

Featured Image - Magnet Axiom

Examine and process digital evidence from mobile, cloud, computer, and vehicle sources all in one case file.

Featured Image - Magnet Automate

Scale up resources and increase lab efficiency & capacity by automating evidence processing and data exports.

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