AXIOM Cyber unlocks the ability to perform remote collections of target endpoints, collect from corporate cloud services, and generate load files for eDiscovery.

AXIOM Cyber is a robust digital forensics and incident response solution for businesses that need to perform remote acquisitions and collect & analyze evidence from computers, the cloud, and mobile devices.

Incident Response Root Cause Analysis

Insider Threats and HR Investigations

eDiscovery Collection, Review, and Analysis


See the AXIOM Cyber Difference

This comparison chart demonstrates the difference between AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber including: – Off-network collection of Mac and Windows devices – Deploy and operate in the cloud – Collect data from cloud sources using Admin rights – Generate load files – And more Download the comparison chart today and see the features of AXIOM Cyber that enable you to collect and analyze more data relevant for corporate and private sector investigations .


Magnet AXIOM Cyber Demo

Check out this demo to see how Magnet AXIOM Cyber can simplify your remote forensic investigations. During this session, you’ll see covert remote collection of Windows and macOS devices with an ad hoc agent. You’ll also learn how to perform advanced cloud acquisition from Office 365, G Suite, Box, AWS S3, EC2 and Azure virtual machines.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

"Magnet's tools are designed to work in a cloud and remote environment, and we are able to succeed because of that."

– William Odom, Co-Founder of Orbital, Former FBI

– William Odom
Co-Founder of Orbital
Former FBI

Hear from William Odom, co-founder of Orbital about how he uses Magnet AXIOM Cyber's artifact-first approach to simplify digital investigations for his clients.

"Magnet Forensics products have reduced the time I need to spend on examinations."

– Joe Pochron, Digital Forensics Consultant

– Joe Pochron
Digital Forensics Consultant

Hear from Joe Pochron, Digital Forensics Consultant at a global consulting firm, about how he uses Magnet AXIOM Cyber for his corporate digital investigations.

“I choose Magnet Forensics because they provide tools built by practitioners, for practitioners”

– Warren Kruse, VP Cyber Investigations

– Warren Kruse
VP Cyber Investigations

Get firsthand insight from Warren Kruse, VP Cyber Investigations at Consilio, on why he uses Magnet Forensics products for his digital forensics and eDiscovery investigations.

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Magnet AXIOM Cyber is a digital forensics solution that will help you find the truth.

Get right to the evidence you need with a solution that keeps you a step ahead.