Magnet Forensics' Partnerships

Magnet Forensics is proud to work with innovative technology partners to develop advanced solutions in all areas of digital investigations. Their solutions are helping to make Magnet Forensics products an even more valuable asset to public safety and enterprise customers around the world.

Our Global Partners


Magnet Forensics works with Microsoft to incorporate Azure platform offerings into the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, an integrated solution that helps agencies transform their digital investigations with powerful analytics and collaborate agency-wide, securely and at scale. 

We’re proud to be working with Microsoft Azure cloud technology to provide our public safety and justice sector customers around the world with digital investigation solutions that will accelerate their evolution to a cloud-based future. 



The integration of NICE Investigate and Magnet REVIEW enables police agencies to automatically merge digital forensic evidence from Magnet REVIEW with other digital evidence sources in NICE Investigate to streamline case building and investigations.

We’re partnering with NICE because we’re both committed to making our digital investigation solutions interoperable so that investigators can consolidate critical digital evidence and leverage analytics tools to complete their cases in a more timely and effective fashion.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Working together with AWS, Magnet Forensics is using the Cloud to enable an enhanced approach to digital investigations so examiners can better serve their agency, without increasing headcount or requiring drastic investments in new forensic equipment. With increasing volumes of digital evidence, budget constraints, and talent shortages, it can be difficult for digital forensics labs to keep up with demand. Leveraging cloud technology can help them to adapt to these challenges, enabling secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution deployments while at the same time helping to maintain data security and regulatory compliance.


As part of our forensics capabilities, Magnet Forensics products are designed to support the most in depth analysis of mobile devices— including uncovering and parsing data from GrayKey extractions. Our integration with GrayKey helps us to bring new artifacts and insights to the data extracted from encrypted mobile devices by Grayshift tools.

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Child Rescue Coalition

Magnet Forensics has been proud to work with Child Rescue Coalition in their tireless efforts to protect innocence through technology.

In addition to public philanthropic efforts, we’ve partnered together to directly integrate Child Rescue Coalition’s Neula technology into Magnet OUTRIDER—helping investigators locate child predators and keep them off the streets.

Child Rescue Coalition

If you’re looking to partner with us or if you have any questions about our technology partnerships, get in touch. 

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