Magnet IGNITE is an early case assessment cloud-based triage tool that performs fast, remote scans and initial analysis of endpoints. Quickly gather evidence and IOCs to advise your clients where and when a full forensic analysis is required.

How Magnet IGNITE Helps

Quickly determine if data has been exfiltrated from an endpoint

Know whether outbound employees have taken valuable IP with them

Identify when asset misuse or policy violation has happened

Triage endpoints to find potentially malicious activity

Magnet IGNITE Demo

Check out this overview video to see how Magnet IGNITE can accelerate your investigations with the rapid triage of remote client endpoints. In this session, you’ll see how to set up your triage investigations—including the options for collecting memory and different artifacts, as well reviewing evidence in IGNITE or transitioning investigations into AXIOM Cyber for deeper forensic analysis.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

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“With IGNITE, we conduct very quick and rapid initial triage with endpoint sweeping,” Joffs notes.“ Compared to traditional forensics with scripted tools, we see a 70% time savings on data gathering and initial endpoint sweeping.”

Ted Joffs, National Incident Response Manager, Fortis by Sentinel

Ted Joffs
National Incident Response Manager
Fortis by Sentinel


"Magnet's artifacts break everything down making it a lot easier to ingest, look through and then report out as well."

Mason Henson, Senior Cyber Security Forensics Examiner

Mason Henson
Senior Cyber Security Forensics Examiner

Get insight from Mason Henson, a senior cyber security forensics examiner in the telecommunications industry, on why his team uses Magnet IGNITE and Magnet AXIOM Cyber to speed up their investigation process and reduce the time to evidence.

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"Our customers need these answers as quickly as possible to minimize business interruption and Magnet IGNITE has enabled us to provide them hours — and sometimes days — earlier.”

Michael Nelson, ​Managing Partner​, CYBIR

Michael Nelson
​Managing Partner​



Magnet IGNITE Performs Fast, Remote Triage and Initial Analysis of Endpoints

Quickly gather evidence and indicators of compromise to know when a full forensic acquisition and analysis is needed.