Digital Evidence Backlogs Limit Your Ability to Solve Cases and Serve Justice

Find out how you can automate DFIR Lab workflows to significantly reduce time to evidence. Learn more with our Buyer’s Guide or explore our additional resources.


Are You Ready for Digital Forensics Automation?

Workflow automation can help Digital Forensic Units create a more efficient lab workflow, maximize lab investments, and ensure case quality. However, investing in new technology for your lab can be a daunting and lengthy process.

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with knowledge, insights, and tools to help you assess and evaluate current automation solutions in the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Defining problems that can be solved
  • Benefits of automation and orchestration solutions
  • Defining use cases for your business proposal
  • Criteria for evaluating an automation & orchestration solution
  • Implementation and business considerations
  • Questions to ask vendors

Magnet AUTOMATE offers modern solutions for digital investigations.

Fully utilize your lab resources 24/7/365

Build streamlined workflows across your forensics toolkit

Leverage analytics tools to drive efficiency


Magnet AUTOMATE: Maximize Efficiency in your Digital Investigation Workflows

Magnet AUTOMATE was designed to help you maximize the efficiency of your agency’s existing forensics lab toolkit and IT investments to reduce time to evidence and help you solve more cases, faster. We’re excited to introduce a number of powerful new source integrations and tools that will help you to automate and orchestrate even more of your forensic workflows. Join Magnet Forensics Solutions Consultant Lynita Hinsch for an overview and demo of the latest and greatest features in AUTOMATE.


4 Signs Your Digital Forensics Lab is Ready for Automation & Orchestration

Automation and orchestration solutions can help you increase your lab’s efficiency so that you process more cases faster and improve service levels to your agency. Discover these four signs that your digital forensic lab is ready to utilize the power of automation and orchestration.


Hear from Our Customers

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“AUTOMATE is an absolute game changer in DFIR. I've been in this digital business for nearly 20 years and never thought we could dismantle a backlog in two weeks. Equally important, the platform has reduced my stress 100 fold by having the data in the hands of detectives, instead of the pressure of waiting and trying to manually produce all the work product.”

Detective Chad Gish, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Detective Chad Gish
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

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“AXIOM is a tool we already know and use daily. Being able to incorporate that into AUTOMATE makes everything seamless and it gives us the ability to start working on investigations a lot quicker.”

Chris Whiteley, Digital Forensic Quality and Development Coordinator, GMP

Chris Whiteley
Digital Forensic Quality and Development Coordinator


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