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New Training Course: Magnet AXIOM Incident Response Examinations (AX310)

Magnet Forensics Training Offers Incident Response Techniques and All Courses Now Count Toward CPE Credits

If you’re looking to dive deep into incident response techniques and expand your knowledge of advanced forensics, then be the first to reserve your spot for our latest course, Magnet AXIOM Incident Response Examinations (AX310)!

This is an expert-level four-day training course. It is designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to track incidents where unauthorized computer access and file usage has taken place on a computer system. This course utilizes Magnet AXIOM and third-party tools to explore the evidence in greater depth by learning about volatile data collection. An incident response toolkit will be created to capture volatile data in class that students can take with them for use in applications beyond the classroom.

Check out our registration page for more information including a detailed breakdown of each module and objectives for the course. You can also check out this Minute with Magnet where our Director of Training, Jamey Tubbs, gives a quick overview of the course.

In person classes begin December 4, 2018 with virtual classes beginning May 14, 2019. Visit our registration page for more details.

AX310 Provides a Look Incident Response Techniques and Advanced Forensics

In this course, a deeper understanding of investigating incidents involving malware and network intrusions into Windows computers will be provided. Students will conduct a static analysis of malware by building a virtual environment and use Kali Linux in that environment to sandbox malware.

After the static analysis of the malware, students will activate the malware in the virtual environment and conduct a dynamic analysis. They will also capture packets during the malware activation to capture information from the malware regarding its command and control server. An analysis of the captured information from the network communication will then be conducted to determine what the malware is designed to do, such as spread laterally on the network, escalate user privileges, create new users, search for PII or send collected data back to the command and control server.

By searching through artifacts like Windows Ptrefetch, SRUM, AMCACHE, Jumplists, LNK files, SHIMCACHE, MUICACHE, UserAssist, Windows Event logs, and the $Logfile, participants will determine the initial attack vector of the malware and the chain of events that took place thereafter.

Check out our registration page for more information including a detailed breakdown of each module and objectives for the course.

Training That Now Counts Towards CPE Credits

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that Magnet Forensics training courses can now count towards CPE credits through NASBA. Any completed instructor-led Magnet Forensics training course (in-person or virtual) can be counted for up to 32 CPE credits.

For more information on Magnet Forensics Training and Certification visit here.

Purchase a Training Annual Pass to Take AX310 and Much More

With the purchase of a Magnet Training Annual Pass (TAP), you can take any number of training courses within 12 months for a one-time fee of $5,995 USD. Which is less than the cost of two courses! Contact us at to purchase a TAP and start training today.

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