Loading Cellebrite Images into Magnet AXIOM

Cellebrite images are quite popular, as the tool supports many different devices and extraction types. Because of this, you may get several different image types depending on the device and the type of extraction done. Often, I will get questions on how to load Cellebrite images into Magnet AXIOM and while it’s quite easy, it’s not always straightforward.

iOS 16: What Digital Investigators Need to Know

With Apple’s announcement of iOS 16’s official launch date, as well as providing their latest “gold master” build, we wanted to take a dive into iOS 16 and see what all was going to be new from an analysis and acquisition perspective.

What is MRU (Most Recently Used)?

MRU artifacts, or Most Recently Used are a variety of artifacts tracked by modern Windows operating systems that provide crucial details regarding the user’s interaction with files, folders, and programs that may have been executed using the Windows Run utility. This is fortunate for examiners, because profiling user activity is something digital forensic examiners are often tasked with to corroborate what we believe happened on a computer. It is a method for supporting our theory of the user’s behavior on a system.