Bring your mobile evidence to life with the new Mobile View in Magnet Axiom 

Mobile devices have become a huge part of our lives and, by extension, of forensic investigations when a crime is committed. Every suspect, victim, and bystander has a wealth of evidence right in their pocket. But as your cases are filled with more and more mobile devices, making sense of that data and clearly and effectively sharing it can be problematic.

Identify deepfakes and quickly surface evidence with new AI tools in Magnet Axiom  

Instances of synthetic, or deepfake, media have seen a dramatic increase in recent years, with an estimated 500,000 video and voice deepfakes shared on social media in 2023. While deepfakes aren’t a new phenomenon, advances in machine learning and AI have increased the speed, accuracy, and availability of developing synthetic media. And the source material for these fakes is increasingly available through our ever-expanding personal digital footprints.