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Securely Collaborate & Empower Investigators with Magnet REVIEW

Reviewing digital evidence with multiple stakeholders, with multiple sources of evidence is hard, especially when some of those stakeholders—like investigators or prosecutors—are non-technical. Valuable time and DFIR examiner resources can be spent translating and summarizing information when there can be an easier, more efficient way.

Based on valuable feedback from our customers and the DFIR community to improve the overall experience, we built Magnet REVIEW: a platform the enables agencies  to securely share all digital evidence via a single web-based platform built with the non-technical investigator in mind so they can easily find the evidence they need.

Magnet REVIEW lets you securely share all digital evidence via a single web-based platform purpose-built for non-technical investigators to easily find what matters most.  

Magnet REVIEW helps to: 

  • Streamline evidence review: Empower non-technical investigators and stakeholders to review digital evidence via an intuitive interface purpose-built for non-technical investigators so they can quickly find what matters most, all-in-one platform. 
  • Cut costs & access evidence from anywhere: Investigators no longer need to come into the lab or wait for evidence to be shipped to them. The web-based platform enables stakeholders to securely access evidence from anywhere with an internet connection. 
  • Generate full case history for more transparency, less risk: Generate automated proof points to show that processes and search scope were adhered to in order to improve case outcomes and reduce agency-wide risk. 

Magnet REVIEW features more than just an intuitive interface – we prioritized meeting the needs and requirements of the lab and digital forensic examiners. As the owners of digital forensic evidence, we know that you need to ensure its shared securely and with the right controls in place to protect data access and integrity — all while ensuring adherence to policies and SOPs. Read the blog “Top 5 Ways Collaborating on Evidence in Magnet REVIEW Helps Increase Quality, Security and Reduce Costs” to learn more. 

REVIEW is a solution deployed in the cloud either in your AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Read the blog “Advantages of Utilizing the Cloud with Magnet REVIEW” to not only learn more about the advantages of utilizing the cloud with Magnet REVIEW, but to learn more about the benefits of REVIEW’s secure, centralized approach to evidence review and collaboration. 

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