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Private Consultants Find a Competitive Advantage in Magnet AXIOM

Craig Pedersen, Founder of The Computer GuyzIn a highly competitive market for digital forensics services, sometimes what makes the most difference is high quality software that helps you get the job done the right way—whether “the right way” means a flexible solution that travels with you, a tool that can obtain all the data that’s most germane to your case, or a way to get key evidence into stakeholders’ hands quickly and easily.

All of those are what Magnet Forensics customer Craig Pedersen has found in AXIOM. Pedersen’s company, The Computer Guyz, is a small South African business offering information technology services, including digital forensics, for both public and private sector clients.

Read About it in Our Case Study

As Pedersen describes in our case study, “How Magnet AXIOM Helps Deliver Justice in South African Criminal and Civil Cases,” AXIOM gives him and his team an advantage over their competition on many different levels. Whether they’re working civil cases, criminal cases, or civil cases that become criminal as the investigation progresses, AXIOM provides what they need—every time.

Download the case study to find out how Pedersen and his team use AXIOM to:

  • Acquire speedy, forensically sound evidence on time-sensitive civil and criminal cases, including a less than 24-hour turnaround time for police seeking evidence
  • Offset the “astronomical” digital backlog police services often experience, cut processing time by 50 to 75 percent, and still obtain the depth of evidence needed for cases
  • Leverage forensic standard methodologies in an otherwise unregulated market, enabling magistrates to easily understand digital evidence and its origins
  • Deploy on any hardware that suits their examination requirements, including when they’re on the move
  • Easily communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders via Portable Cases, leading to better relationships with law enforcement and private sector clients alike

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