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New Reporting Features in DVR Examiner

There are some new reporting features in DVR Examiner 3.1. In this post, we’ll take a close look at forensic reports from DVR recovery.

There are three new reports:

  • Case Summary – Provides the details of your DVR Examiner case including locations, incident details, information on devices, sources, plus any notes.
  • Detection – Provides a summary of the source detection. It includes whether the source detected as a supported filesystem, filesystem details and its supported features.
  • Gallery – Provides a list of frames from a video clip based on selected time and frame intervals.
DVRE 3.1 has new reporting features including the Gallery Preview Report, Case Summary Report, and Detection Report
DVR Examiner 3.1 reports icon
Report Icon

To better manage reports, we added a single location to generate reports. In DVR Examiner’s generate reports window, you can choose the reports you want, in either PDF or MS Excel format, and the destination you want to save them. This new window is handy for generating multiple reports. However, if you want to print a report from the window you are working in, just look for the report icon.

To make the process of generating reports easier, you can now set defaults so that you can eliminate entering the options you want every time you generate a report.

We added more information to all the reports in DVR Examiner and redesigned our Excel format so you can take advantage of spreadsheet functions to sort, filter, analyze, and find information.

We also added a new filesystem, the ability to save files to network locations, refactored one of our most popular filesystems, the ability to set defaults for repetitive tasks, enabled the ability to move the location of a source file, and more.

To get a closer look and reporting and some other key features of DVR Examiner, watch this webinar “DVR Examiner Features You May be Missing”.

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