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Magnet AXIOM Supports Pebble Watch, LINE for Android, RAR Containers & More

Magnet AXIOM version 1.0.7 is now available. This new version includes support for Pebble Watch for iOS and Android. Examiners can now access the Pebble Watch artifacts to recover information held by those apps, including notification time stamps, calendar events, weather, location and health data.

AXIOM 1.0.7 also adds the ability to extract artifacts from RAR containers, helping investigators and examiners navigate additional compressed files found in their evidence.

In this version, we greatly enhance our localization and language support. In AXIOM 1.0.6, we added support for several languages, and in 1.0.7 we introduce the ability to adjust encoding of artifacts. This will help our customers when they are analyzing non-English content, as they can change the encoding for individual data hits or for all hits in any specific artifact.

Other new features include:

  • Preview of email attachments in examiner pane – this provides a visual preview of attachments that can easily be saved
  • Support for OnStar for iOS
  • Support for LINE on Android
  • Updated support for Gmail webmail
  • Support for parsing .ithumb files
AXIOM Process running in Magnet AXIOM 1.0.7

This latest update builds on previous versions, which have included support for Uber, Performance Enhancements, and IoT artifact support (including Amazon Echo, Nest, Fitbit, and more).

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