iOS 17 Forensics: Another Year, Another Byte of the Apple

With another year gone by, it’s time for another version of iOS to hit the market to coincide with the release of the iPhone 15 series and Apple’s first inclusion of the USB-C port to its iPhone line. While the USB-C port is old-hat for macOS devices and even several years old for iPadOS devices, bringing it to Apple’s mainstream mobile device will certainly bring some changes for forensic professionals. Let’s take a look at both the changes and features of iOS 17 as well as some forensic impacts going forward!

Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.5 is now Available

We are thrilled to announce the release of Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.5! In this release, we have introduced several new and updated features to help streamline your workflows and ensure you have all of the necessary data for your investigations, including: