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Magnet Virtual Summit 2024: The Virtual DFIR Event of the Year is Back in February!

Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 is back this February—giving attendees of all skill levels another great chance to catch up on the latest trends and challenges in DFIR from a huge selection of the leading voices in the DFIR field.

Join us February 27-March 7, 2024, for a special virtual event that will feature 50+ presentations about topics like mobile forensics, artificial intelligence, eDiscovery, malware, ransomware, digital evidence review, video forensics, and much more! Plus, there’ll be great activities to help you accelerate your skills and special live Q&A sessions to answer your burning questions. 

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What to Expect at Magnet Virtual Summit 2024

Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 is a great chance to learn about the latest research and findings in mobile forensics, cloud, AI, and everything else DFIR. We’ll have over 50 presentations from experts in the public safety and enterprise spaces, as well as a series of Magnet-related talks from Magnet Forensics experts. Here are just a few highlights: 

Mobile Unpacked: Ep. 14 // Logging La Vida Loca 

Christopher Vance, Magnet Forensics 

Most modern electronic devices keep logs running that store information about who, what, when, where, and why processes are performed. Modern smartphones are certainly no different. In fact, certain artifacts can only be recovered by an in-depth review of these logging files. This talk will explore the different types of log files that can be found and how to extract them on iOS, Android, and Chromebook systems.   

Tales From the Trenches: How Bad Digital Forensics Threatens Justice in Court 

Jason Jordaan, DFIRLABS 

A lot of digital forensic practitioners testify in court, and sometimes their evidence can get in without significant challenges and from unknowledgeable legal practitioners. In some of these cases, the practitioners have gotten the evidence wrong which led to wrongful convictions or other incorrect liability being allocated. While opposition digital forensic practitioners are often frowned upon, especially from law enforcement, they do play a valuable role in balancing the interests of justice. This can often play a role in ensuring that digital forensics maintain good quality. 

Through a discussion of three cases—one criminal, and two civil—this presentation will show how digital forensic evidence presented by either an unqualified or biased digital forensic practitioner almost destroyed the lives of the parties in court. You’ll also see how a proper scientific approach to digital forensics assisted in the courts in achieving justice.  

Digital Media Investigations: The Impact of Large-Scale Police Collaboration​ ​ 

Johann Hoffmann and Mattias Shamlo, Griffeye 

In a time where forensic backlogs keep on growing, along with the exponential growth of the volumes of digital media that are constantly being seized, collaboration between investigators and agencies is critical. In this talk, we’ll explore how the Griffeye Analyze platform is designed to address this challenge by minimizing redundancy in investigative work across units and regions. Discover how the platform facilitates seamless sharing of high-quality data, giving investigators worldwide access to vital information and enabling them to build on each other’s casework.  

On the Same Page...Digital Forensics Quality Management and Standards – Why it Matters to You 

Brandon Epstein, Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence, Barbara Guttman, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Christopher Kelly, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office  

It is no secret that digital evidence touches almost every modern investigation, yet the processing and analysis of this evidence varies from agency to agency and provider to provider. This panel will leverage recently published research to discuss what the digital forensics community can do to improve digital forensic analysis through effective digital evidence quality management. Available resources to build effective workflows, policies, and training programs will be discussed as well as how examiners can get involved to help shape the future of digital evidence quality management and standards. 

Investigating a Turncloak: A Case Study on When AXIOM Cyber and VERAKEY Intersect With a Malicious Insider 

Joseph Pochron and Jeremy Horowitz, Ernst & Young 

Insider threats continue to pose a major risk to organizations. Organizations spent an average of $15.38 million in 2021 to deal with insider threats—up 34% from the $11.45 million in 2020. The number of insider incidents has increased by a staggering 44.3% in a single year, from 2020 to 2021. Data theft is the leading insider threat activity. 42% of insider threat events involved intellectual property (IP) or data theft.   

Digital forensic examiners inevitably are needed for insider threat investigations and analysis. This presentation will provide a case study overview of a malicious insider investigation where both Magnet AXIOM Cyber and Magnet VERAKEY proved to be invaluable tools in the investigation. The goal of the presentation is knowledge sharing on how DFIR personnel can leverage these tools for that particular use case.  Register for free to see the full agenda and save your spots! 

MVS Keynote Presenter: David Chow

We’re excited to have David Chow, Chief Technology Strategy Officer at Trend Micro, kicking off the second week of Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 as a keynote presenter. David will deliver a keynote address on March 5 at 10:00AM EST | SGT about best practices on public/private sector collaboration and how to ensure these partnerships are symbiotic and impactful. We can’t wait to hear his insights! 

MVS Capture The Flag

We’re bringing another amazing Magnet Virtual Summit Capture The Flag (CTF) for Magnet Virtual Summit 2024! This CTF, powered by Hexordia, will be a three-hour timed event and will test your skills while competing with others. We don’t want to give away too much, but we promise that Jessica Hyde and and interns from Champlain College’s Digital Forensic Association have created a CTF that will be fun, challenging, and full of learning opportunities. 

This CTF will take place on March 6 from 11:00 – 2:00 PM ET and it will test your skills while competing with others. 

Important: Please note registration for this event closes end of day Wednesday, February 28, 2024 and images and download links will be sent out on Friday, March 1. 

Need a few tips on taking part in the competition? When you register, you can also take part in a Capture The Flag workshop with CTF creator, Jessica Hyde, and multiple Magnet CTF-winner, Kevin Pagano. 

Live Q&A With Magnet Forensics Experts

Drop into these live interactive sessions and chat directly with Magnet Forensics product experts. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in conversation with Product Management, Forensic Consulting, and Market Research team members from Magnet Forensics.   

And be sure to join us right before each Live Q&A for a special presentation that will cover the latest Magnet Forensics solutions. 

Public Safety 

Magnet Forensics for Public Safety: Integrating Tools and Teams for Smarter Digital Investigations 

February 28 | 9:30AM EST | CET | SGT 

Live Q&A With Magnet Forensics Experts 

February 28 | 10:30AM EST   

Enterprise & Service Providers 

Transforming Digital Investigations With Magnet Forensics 

February 29 | 9:30AM EST | CET | SGT 

Live Q&A With Magnet Forensics Experts  

February 29 | 10:30AM EST   

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