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All Your Case Data in Magnet AXIOM: Pt 5 — Integrated Analysis & Reporting

In this five-part series, we talk about the benefits of having all your case data within one platform and how it will help your casework—from more simplified yet comprehensive data ingestion to more efficient and thorough analysis.

Magnet AXIOM is the only tool in market that combines cloud, mobile and computer analysis in one case file.

In the fifth part of the series, we’ll show you how integrated analysis and reporting of all your case data in Magnet AXIOM give you a more complete picture. Check out the other parts of this series to understand why working within one case file matters and to learn how to bring your data into AXIOM.

When you can bring all your evidence sources together into in one case file, it’s much easier to piece together how artifacts, people, and devices all relate to each other so you can quickly find the insights you need to move your investigation forward.

With all your evidence in one case file, the speed and efficiency of your overall analysis is greatly enhanced – you can conveniently view any of your sources to find the best starting points for your case, easily search across your sources to help you get to the evidence faster, and apply analytics tools to help you see the complete story of your evidence.

See the Whole Story with Combined Analysis Across Your Sources

Magnet AXIOM includes powerful built-in Analytics tools – including Connections, Timeline, and Magnet.AI – that automatically generate insights across all your sources that might lead to breakthroughs in your case.

And with Magnet AXIOM, these powerful Analytics tools are natively integrated and included at no extra cost.

Connections helps you find and visualize data across all your evidence sources and can shed light on evidence that may never have surfaced otherwise. With Connections, examiners can easily see how an artifact came to exist on a source, or across sources, and understand artifacts’ relationships with one another.

When analyzing multiple sources of evidence, Connections helps tell the story of a file and tie together its existence across your sources, where it went, and how it got there. For example, Connections may be able to tie processes acquired from a memory scan to system data on a hard drive.

Timeline analysis also becomes much more powerful when all your data sources are considered together. AXIOM’s Timeline feature creates a graphical visualization of all your evidence based on all the dates and timestamps available, helping you pinpoint the exact offense or step through exactly how an incident occurred.

AXIOM’s Timeline provides some unique advantages when considering multiple evidence sources. For example, you can easily watch as conversations transition from computer to mobile or to an app that is stored cloud only, helping you see the whole story of the interaction.

Magnet.AI leverages analytics, content-based image retrieval (CBIR), and machine learning technology to search pictures and text-based content to find what you’re looking for. With our CBIR-powered Find Similar Pictures feature, if you find something of interest in one piece of evidence, like picture of a room or object, AXIOM can find it in another across any of your data sources, helping you gather related evidence even faster.

Check out our blog for more on the features and benefits of Analytics in AXIOM.

Faster, More Efficient Examinations

AXIOM’s Case Dashboard is your “in-app” home screen for each case you work, helping you to kick off investigations with a better starting point across all your data sources. Case Dashboard collects high-level summary details of your investigation and evidence sources and their context, organizing your data so you can quickly move to the analysis phase of your investigation.

With AXIOM, you can conduct searches across all your sources using a variety of views and filters – this gives you a consistent approach for your evidence search, helping you get to the evidence faster and with greater confidence that nothing was missed. Our search returns are now up to 5X faster  than ever before, saving you even more time, particularly when searching across a large data set.

AXIOM also allows you to perform multiple separate scans with different sources, so you can add one piece of evidence and start analyzing and add other pieces of evidence as they are received (e.g. a smartphone or computer today and warrant return later once it’s approved).

Unified Reporting for More Effective Communication of your Findings

The advantages of examining and analyzing all your evidence together in one case file become even more apparent when it’s time to share the results of your investigation with your stakeholders.

With AXIOM, your reporting is unified across your sources, so stakeholders receive a comprehensive summary of the entire digital investigation and can quickly and easily identify relevant evidence.

AXIOM can generate clear, visual reports in many different formats, including Excel, XML, HTML, PST, PDF, and more, and you can choose the data that is most relevant to your case to be included in your report, regardless of which source the data originated with.

With AXIOM’s Portable Case, it’s also easy to share a case with other stakeholders. A Portable Case file can be created by any AXIOM user, and you can choose to include as much or as little evidence that has been acquired and recovered from all your sources. By sharing a Portable Case, stakeholders can explore the evidence and add their own comments that can then be merged back into the case as tags, comments or bookmarks.

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