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All Your Case Data in Magnet AXIOM: Pt 1 — Why It Matters

In this five-part series, we talk about the benefits of having all your case data within one platform and how it will help your casework—from more simplified yet comprehensive data ingestion to more efficient and thorough analysis.

Part one of the series explores the benefits to having your data in one case file within Magnet AXIOMthe only tool in market that combines cloud, mobile and computer analysis in one case file.

Check out the other parts of the series to learn how to bring your data from different mobile, computer, and cloud sources into AXIOM and how you can get the best analysis and reporting.

Modern digital investigations aren’t just about recovering the data on a computer or a phone – they’re about understanding activity and behavior through digital footprints, and today these footprints are increasingly spread out over multiple devices, applications, and services.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous and multiple device use is the norm, with many people regularly using smartphones alongside other devices like computers, tablets and smartwatches. IoT devices like smart speakers and security cameras have become increasingly popular as well, with more coming into use every day—all potentially valuable new sources of forensic data.

While Windows-based PCs were once the dominant target in digital forensic investigations, Macs are now also gaining traction amongst both consumers and businesses— the ability to conduct effective analysis of both platforms is critical today.

The growing trend towards cloud-hosted apps and data has also made digital investigations today more challenging, but also presents opportunities. For example, important evidence that could previously be retrieved from a mobile device may now be stored exclusively in the cloud instead—this means a mobile image examination alone might yield less evidence but important data is also preserved in the cloud in case of a device wipe.

Fragmentation of forensic data across multiple sources introduces significant complications and risk when conducting digital investigations, making it more difficult and time consuming to ensure you’re building the strongest possible case —one that considers all the relevant pieces of evidence available and the links between them, regardless of the source.

Whether you’re investigating child exploitation or other criminal conduct, the key to making the strongest case possible is the ability to bring all your evidence—whether sourced from mobile devices, computers, or the cloud—into the same case file. When you have all your data together it can then be analyzed and reported on together, helping you quickly build the most comprehensive picture of what happened.

It was with this idea in mind that we designed Magnet AXIOM: a complete, integrated digital forensics platform to help you build stronger cases in less time.

AXIOM is the only tool that can recover, analyze, and report on data from all your sources—mobile, computer, and cloud— in one case file, helping you build a wholistic view of the evidence and how it relates to the case so you can quickly and easily see the entire story.

Recover, analyze, and report on data from all your sources.

With Magnet AXIOM, robust mobile, computer, and cloud capabilities, along with powerful analytics tools, are all natively integrated in one platform—without the need to purchase or install extra modules or add-on products.

AXIOM includes the ability to acquire images from devices like smartphones and USB drives, as well as direct ingestion of public and private cloud sources like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Our free Magnet ACQUIRE tool lets digital forensic examiners quickly and easily acquire forensic images of any iOS or Android device, hard drive, or removable media.

In addition, AXIOM also includes support for a variety of other commonly used acquisition tools and industry standard data formats, including open source standards like AFF4 containers or vendor-specific image formats like .DAR files. This helps ensure that you’ll have the ability to ingest any of the relevant case data you need, regardless of its source or how it was acquired.

Check Out the Other Parts Of This Series

In Parts 2-4 of our series, we review how AXIOM’s complete approach helps you bring all your data from multiple sources—including mobile, computer, and cloud—into one case file.

From there, read the fifth and final post of the series, where you’ll see how having all your data in one case file makes your analysis more efficient and thorough, helping you build stronger cases, faster.

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