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Magnet OUTRIDER: Rapid Triage Made Easy

Time to evidence is critical. Whether you’re triaging computers and external hard drives in the field or working through a backlog of evidence back in the lab, examiners need to find the information that is key for their case work as quickly as possible.

Magnet OUTRIDER can help you get a head start on your examinations by quickly identifying CSAM, apps, and operating system artifacts found on a suspect’s device, giving your team real-time intel for interviews​ and helping prioritize devices for additional analysis.

Join Magnet Founder and CTO Jad Saliba and Forensic Consultant Director Trey Amick as they demonstrate the new features recently released with Magnet OUTRIDER 2.2 and discuss how examiners can make their own triage drive with OUTRIDER. As an added bonus, Child Rescue Coalition President Bill Wiltse will be on hand to discuss Neula, a CSAM detection technology utilized within OUTRIDER.

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