Magnet Forensics for Federal Agencies

Efficiently uncover vital intelligence by using lab automation, toolkit integration, secure evidence review & distribution, as well as in-field triage with Magnet Forensics solutions.

Automation, Processing, and Case Management

Automate the processing of evidence and intelligence and integrate your existing DIFR tools via a single interface. Manage and report on cases agency-wide with analytics.  

Analysis and Review

Simplify the recovery, analysis, and reporting of digital evidence from smartphones, computers, other connected devices, and the cloud. Securely analyze and distribute intelligence and evidence with ease.  

We’re Here to Help Solve Your Complex Funding Challenges

Check out some of the current grants available to agencies in the United States that can be leveraged to receive funding for digital forensics tools.


Incident Response and Cybersecurity

Respond to evolving cybersecurity threats with remote collection. Analyze evidence from computers, the cloud, and mobile devices. Automate digital forensic tasks to maximize response efficiency.  

Triage Solutions

Triage devices with a rapid, ultra-simple approach. Quickly identify devices containing illicit content and targeted intelligence in the field or the lab with automated insights. 




Video Recovery and Analysis

Recover video and metadata from password protected, broken, and burnt CCTV and Surveillance DVRs in most cases, even when the data is deleted or inaccessible.




We’re Here to Advance your Digital Forensic Objectives

Learn more about how Magnet Forensics solutions can help support the execution of your digital forensic mission.