If eDiscovery teams don’t have the evidence they need, including data from the cloud, they could be missing critical pieces of evidence. Give your eDiscovery partners the most complete story.

Email and documents aren’t enough anymore

The way employees communicate and store data has changed. Your eDiscovery partners need a quick and efficient way to include data from the cloud into their investigations.

Use Magnet AXIOM Cyber to acquire and analyze evidence from traditional data sources as well as the cloud. Then generate a load file that can be ingested into common eDiscovery platforms for further review.

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Generate Load Files

Streamline collaboration with eDiscovery partners by using Magnet AXIOM Cyber export analyzed artifacts and evidence to a load file that can be ingested into common eDiscovery review platforms.


Cloud Data

Acquire data from cloud services like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 with User or Admin credentials. Incorporate evidence from social media or “Download Your Data” to get the most complete story.


Optical Character Recognition

Leverage OCR to recover embedded text in PDFs, scanned documents, and images. Get a side-by-side preview of the file scanned with OCR and the text extracted. Extracted text from OCR scan are easily searchable.


Targeted Remote Collection

Be efficient and collect as much or as little as you need from target endpoints. Collect data from endpoints even when they aren’t connected to your corporate network physically or through VPN.