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What’s New in Magnet AXIOM Cyber 6.1

Fresh on the heels of the recent major release of AXIOM Cyber 6.0, we are thrilled to announce the availability of AXIOM Cyber 6.1!

AXIOM Cyber 6.1 builds on artifacts and features introduced in AXIOM Cyber 6.0, as well as introducing new features and performance improvements to help streamline your workflows.

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Improved Load Times and Tagging Options

We have made performance improvements to the load times for case files and chat threads in conversation view. And when the time comes to tag a large number of artifacts, you can now select multiple artifacts and simply tag-all–saving significant time and mouse clicks.  

Improved Reports with .MSG Attachments

When you are creating a report for review by legal counsel or other stakeholders, you can now include individual .MSG files of email evidence along with the HTML report. MSG files provide a view of the email in a common format which can be viewed in a native email application or opened in third-party tools for further review.   

Acquiring Google Drive Activity

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the updates made in our recent major release of AXIOM Cyber 6.0. One feature we wanted to draw additional attention to is the ability to collect Google Drive activity as artifacts. This addition provides valuable insight into potential data exfiltration cases with a complete overview of user and admin actions on Google Drive.

To learn more, check out our new blog post: Collecting Google Drive Activity in AXIOM Cyber.

Updated Artifacts

Building on the Outlook Email recovery from iOS, Android, and macOS introduced in our last release, AXIOM Cyber 6.1 adds the recovery of attachments for Outlook emails as well.

Here’s the full list of the updated artifact support in AXIOM Cyber 6.1:

  • MEGA Chats​
  • LINE Messages​
  • Private Photo Vault​
  • Viber Messages​
  • Facebook User/Friends​
  • Yahoo Webmail Accounts​
  • UC Browser History​
  • KakaoTalk Messages​
  • KakaoTalk Calls​
  • Gmail Emails​
  • Signal Conversations​
  • Aloha Browser Downloads​
  • Yandex Logins ​
  • Yandex Top Sites​
  • TextNow Profile​
  • Snapchat Chat Messages​
  • TextNow Chat​
  • TextPlus Calls​
  • Zalo Messages​
  • TextMe Messages​
  • Google Meet Meeting History​
  • Wickr Me​
  • iMessage / SMS / MMS​
  • Apple Notes​
  • Viber Calls​
  • Snapchat Memories​
  • DuckDuckGo Bookmarks​
  • Google Accounts​
  • Discord Messages​
  • Slack Users​
  • Chrome Logins​
  • Cloud Passwords and Tokens ​
  • Passwords and Tokens​
  • Identifier – People​

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