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The Top Five New Features in Magnet AXIOM 1.0.8

File System Keyword Search, iTunes 10.1.1 Backup Decryption, Torrent Artifact Support, and more!

The newest version of Magnet AXIOM has just been released. AXIOM 1.0.8 adds important new features for digital forensics examiners and investigators. We wanted to highlight some of the newest additions.

You will often hear the team here at Magnet Forensics talk about how important our customers are and how much we value their feedback. AXIOM 1.0.8 is chock-full of new features that were added in response to customer requests.

Let’s take a look at five of the top new features:

  1. Keyword Search in the File System – You can now search for keywords across all data gathered from the drive, versus searching in artifact text content only. Simply load in your keywords and search in the artifacts data or in the entire file system.
  2. iOS 10.1.1 iTunes Backups – We know that trying to analyze iOS 10.1.1 backups can be an exercise in frustration with limited results. Now you can use AXIOM to decrypt the iTunes backups on any iOS 10.1.1 device with a known password.
  3. P2P Torrent Artifacts on Android – P2P sharing and streaming isn’t slowing down, and gathering data from torrent artifacts is increasingly important. AXIOM 1.0.8 includes support for BitTorrent, tTorrent Lite, uTorrent, Frostwire, aTorrent and aDownloader
  4. RAW Picture Formats – We added increased support for recovering RAW-type pictures. With 21 new extensions supported, we now cover the vast majority of known formats, regardless of camera brand, allowing you to find more potential “first-generation images.”
  5. E01 Image Verification – When you load E01 computer images, there is now an option to verify those images using hashes to ensure they are unchanged.

There are more features and updates in AXIOM 1.0.8. Current customers can find the release notes on the Customer Portal.

For new visitors – if we’ve piqued your interest and you want to learn more, request a demo here, or visit the AXIOM page for more info.

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