Examiner & Investigator Modes

As we continue to add analysis features to Magnet IEF, one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is that we needed a simplified report viewer for sharing IEF results with non-technical stakeholders. These stakeholders may include other investigators, lawyers, analysts, managers, HR, or anyone else who may be involved with an investigation, … Continued

April Artifact Update: Native Android Apps

Our latest artifact update for IEF includes support for native Android applications. As the mobile market continues to narrow-in on two primary operating systems – Android and iOS – it’s becoming increasingly important for investigators to recover data from these built-in system apps. In February, we added support for a similar set of native iOS … Continued

Acquiring Memory with Magnet RAM Capture

Recently, we released a new free tool that allows investigators to acquire the memory of a live PC. Customers using our IEF Triage module will already be familiar with this tool, as it’s used to acquire evidence from live systems. In realizing that others could benefit from our RAM capture tool, we decided to release … Continued

Magnet IEF Recommended in NIJ Electronic Crime Technology Report

INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER (IEF) has been recommended in a report published by the NIJ Electronic Crime Technology Center of Excellence. The report provides a review of the software, walking through IEF’s special features, and includes detailed results of product testing that was conducted as a part of the evaluation. Report Findings The report finds that … Continued