Magnet AXIOM vs. Magnet IEF: Going Supersonic

By Jad Saliba, Founder & CTO of Magnet Forensics It’s been about five months since I did some performance profiling between Magnet IEF and Magnet AXIOM and published a blog documenting the results. It was awesome to see the improvements that AXIOM has enabled, especially when it comes to examination/review time (keyword searches, filters, etc). … Continued

Portable Case Makes Collaborating on Case Easier

One of the hidden gems of Magnet AXIOM and Magnet IEF is the ability to create a Portable Case. A Portable Case can be created by any AXIOM or IEF user to collaborate on a case with other stakeholders and it can include all the digital evidence that has been acquired and recovered in a … Continued

An Insider View into Magnet AXIOM and Magnet IEF

We recently sat down to talk with Magnet Forensics VP of Product Management, Geoff MacGillivray, about the Magnet Forensics product line, including what’s new in Magnet AXIOM and our commitment to Magnet IEF. Q: Thanks for talking with us, Geoff. To start, can you give us a brief update on what’s new with Magnet AXIOM? … Continued

Seven Reasons to Choose Magnet Forensics Tools

Or Some Great Reasons to Vote for Us in the Forensic 4:cast Awards We’re extremely proud of the work we do at Magnet Forensics, and there is nothing we like more than hearing from our customers that we are doing a great job (like your nominations for three categories in the Forensic 4:cast Awards!). We … Continued

Why False Positives Are Important

Most forensic examiners are familiar with seeing false positives in their search or processing results. False positives will always be present in tools that conduct some form of data carving in their searching and/or processing. I often get questions from forensic examiners (both new and experienced) on whether the data that Magnet IEF or Magnet … Continued

Magnet AXIOM Adds Forensic Support for Uber

Since its launch, Uber has become a popular alternative to taxi rides in many cities globally. As Uber is controlled through a mobile app, it only makes sense to add support for it in Magnet AXIOM and Magnet IEF. With the launch of AXIOM 1.0.4 and IEF 6.8.1, we’ve added support to parse data from … Continued

Finding and Analyzing Important Evidence in Child Exploitation Cases

Hosted by Magnet Forensics and Griffeye When it comes to investigating child exploitation, timing is critical. How can you get to key evidence, like pictures and videos, quickly to start building your case? In this recorded webinar, Magnet Forensics and Griffeye joined forces to demonstrate which tools and techniques can be used in your investigation to find, uncover, … Continued

Mobile Chat & Social App Forensics

Smartphone apps that allow users to express themselves by messaging, posting, tweeting, liking, commenting, and sharing images and videos, have radically altered communication patterns. This new world of hyper-connected mobile chat and social apps is evolving at warp speed, and it seems like a new app explodes in popularity every month, with others constantly changing … Continued

July Artifact Update: Windows OS and More

We just released our July Artifact Update to Magnet IEF customers, which includes a number of new artifacts and improvements for previously supported apps. As part of this release, we wanted to improve support for Windows OS artifacts and integrate some popular customer requests. As a result, this update includes artifact support for the Recycle … Continued

Hex & Text Viewer

Every forensic examiner is familiar with hex and text viewers; they are the cornerstone of the most basic forensic examination. If all your tools and scripts fail or don’t support a given artifact, you can always fall back to a hex viewer to dig into an artifact to uncover any evidence within. New with IEF … Continued