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Magnet AXIOM 3.2 Now Supports Instagram Warrant Returns and Gets More Data from Macs

We’re happy to announce from Techno Security in Myrtle Beach that Magnet AXIOM 3.2 is now available to download! Either upgrade within AXIOM, or head over to the Customer Portal to get AXIOM 3.2.

In this release, we’re bringing support for Instagram warrant returns, the ability to search recently deleted files that are stored in Free Queue on Mac computers, and improvements to our recently enhanced SQLite Viewer.

If you’re not already using AXIOM and want try AXIOM 3.2 for yourself, request a trial today.

AXIOM 3.2 now supports getting data from Instagram Warrant Returns.

Instagram Warrant Returns

In addition to support for Facebook Warrant Returns, AXIOM can now ingest and analyze warrant returns from Instagram. This will help shed light on a person’s online persona, allowing you to see who is following the user, who the user is following, posts in addition to direct stories, and direct shares (including media and messages).

Get data from Free Queue space on Mac computers.

Find More Deleted Data

In addition to searching the known file system for artifacts, AXIOM will now search recently deleted files that are stored in Free Queue in APFS of Mac computers.

Also, when AXIOM encounters a container such as a mobile backup or archive (e.g. zip or tar files), it will now search deleted archives for additional artifacts.

SQLite Viewer Improvements

AXIOM 3.1 saw the introduction of an overhauled SQLite Viewer, and AXIOM 3.2 continues to make AXIOM’s SQLite Viewer even easier to use.

You can now convert various different data types in SQLite to more human-readable data, including date/times, binary data and various types of encoded strings. For binary data, you can view common data types such as pictures and plists within AXIOM. And we’ve added “open with” functionality to give you the ability to open binary data in an app or program of your choice.

Media Categorization Enhancements

On top of the enhancements brought to media categorization in AXIOM 3.0, AXIOM 3.2 now supports setting a priority when configuring hash sets. This is useful because AXIOM will accurately assign evidence to the proper category when multiple hash sets have the same hash value and are assigned in different categories.

Summary information in PDF and HTML reports have also been added, making it easier to see how much known content was found by hash sets. It will also allow you to see the breakdown of content by category for materials graded by reviewers, making it easier to gather this information for reporting and charging purposes.

Additionally, AXIOM 3.2 now has the capability to more easily export reviewer graded content and select the specific categories that get hash data/media attachments included in the export when submitting back to Project VIC or CAID repositories.

New Artifacts

  • Live Photos (iOS)
  • TamTam Messenger (iOS/Android)
  • Life 360 (iOS/Android)
  • Whale (iOS)
  • Brave (iOS)
  • Ecosia (iOS)
  • Best Secret Folder (iOS)

Updated Artifacts

  • Signal (iOS)
  • WhatsApp (iOS/Android)
  • Facebook Messenger (Android)
  • Instagram (Android)
  • Twitter (Android)
  • Skype Lite (Android)
  • Tinder (Android)
  • Chrome (iOS/Android)
  • Recover FS Info When Carving Documents
  • MBOX Email (Windows)
  • Windows 10 Timeline (Windows)

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