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Magnet GRAYKEY Supports iOS 16.6

Apple is continuously rolling out updated versions of its mobile operating system, iOS, to address security concerns and introduce new features. While these ongoing releases provide value for the end users, they also add to the challenges faced by examiners who need to access and extract critical data from mobile devices involved in criminal investigations.

The Magnet GRAYKEY team works diligently to ensure that we keep pace with the latest version of Apple’s operating system and have recently updated the support for iOS 16.6. If you’re a GRAYKEY customer, you can review the details of GRAYKEY’s support for iOS 16.6 by visiting the AppLogic v3.23.0 release notes (login credentials required).

The Importance of iOS in Forensic Investigations

iPhones account for approximately 18.55% of all smartphone users worldwide, which equates to approximately 1.36 billion people. With this volume of devices and users, it is highly likely that investigators will encounter an iOS device as a key evidence source in many criminal cases.

Apple’s push to have users update to the latest software version to maintain the security of their devices also appears to be effective, as of May 30th Apple has reported that 90% of all devices introduced in the last four years use iOS 16.

The iOS 16.6 releases addressed a reported 25 security flaws which Apple provided some detail on in their release: About the security content of iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6. Additional details on the security  iOS 16.6 release and the potential impact is also available in this post from Forbes.

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