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Announcing Magnet SHIELD — A New Way to Capture and Report on Digital Evidence

We’re proud to announce Magnet SHIELD, an innovative new solution that empowers the frontline police officers and investigators in your police service to easily capture and report on digital evidence from consenting victims and witnesses in the field.

Share Magnet SHIELD with Frontline Teams

If you know who is responsible for equipment for frontline officers in your police department, please let them know about Magnet SHIELD and how it can benefit the service by forwarding this email to them or telling them to visit the Magnet SHIELD page for more information.

Magnet SHIELD will give officers and investigators the ability to:

  • Quickly and easily capture chat, picture, and video evidence at the scene
  • Immediately produce shareable evidence reports
  • Preserve key digital evidence from consenting victims and witnesses
  • Enable victims and witnesses to select the evidence they want to share

Available as a Microsoft Surface Go Tablet or Software-Only Solution

Magnet SHIELD is available as a turnkey solution that leverages the mobility, battery life, HD camera and familiarity of the Microsoft Surface GO tablet, or as a software-only solution available on any tablet powered by Windows 10 – including existing mobile data terminals in police cruisers. Data integrity is maintained due to trusted Windows 10 security and IT Controls.

After capturing the evidence, SHIELD automatically produces a standardized evidence report that can be shared with Crown attorneys. Evidence from SHIELD can easily be stored in an existing Digital Evidence Management system or other systems like an RMS.

Magnet SHIELD is currently available to agencies in Canada, with a global availability in the near future. Visit for more information.

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