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Announcing Magnet GRAYKEY Fastrak – Scale Up Your Mobile Data Collection

Mobile smartphones have become engrained in our daily lives, so when someone commits a crime, mobile data is almost always a critical source of evidence. Magnet GRAYKEY provides the ability to quickly extract encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices on locked iOS and leading Android devices. However, most criminal investigations typically include multiple mobile devices, and it takes time to access and extract the data from each device to determine what truly happened.

To help forensic examiners accelerate their mobile data collection, we are thrilled to introduce Magnet GRAYKEY Fastrak. Fastrak provides a simple, fast, and efficient solution for extracting data from multiple mobile devices simultaneously, scaling up the capabilities of your existing GRAYKEY.

Expediting Your Mobile Extractions

With current mobile forensic access tools, you use the same tool for access and extraction, one device at a time. With GRAYKEY Fastrak, once your GRAYKEY has gained access to the device, the extraction of data can be moved over to another workstation, including your existing computer or a dedicated forensic machine, which can accelerate the throughput of a GRAYKEY by approximately 15x.

Moving the extraction to another device not only frees up your GRAYKEY to continue gaining access to additional devices but also enables you to extract data from multiple mobile devices simultaneously. The Fastrak application provides an easy-to-use interface to manage extractions, and  you can run it on multiple workstations with a single license. 

Fastrak Provides the Following Key Benefits for GRAYKEY Users:

  • Accelerate your Mobile Extractions – reduce your time to evidence by simultaneously extracting data from multiple devices.
  • Simplify Hardware Requirements – Run extractions on existing workstations that can be online or offline, leveraging existing resources and mitigating added costs for dedicated hardware.
  • Using Your GRAYKEY at Scale – Move the extraction process off of your GRAYKEY, freeing it up to gain access to additional devices.

To learn more about GRAYKEY Fastrak, register for our upcoming webinar Unleash the Power of Your GRAYKEY at Scale – Introducing Magnet GRAYKEY Fastrak hosted by Jay Varda, Solution Consultant, taking place on November 8th, 2023 (note that this session is exclusive to law enforcement and only available to agencies in select countries).

The Time Savings of GRAYKEY Fastrak

Consider this scenario – your lab is equipped with a GRAYKEY to collect the critical mobile data needed for your cases, but the volume and size of devices coming into the lab keep it running at full capacity when a high-profile case lands in your jurisdiction and requires extractions from multiple devices. And even more so than usual, time is of the essence.

With Fastrak, after GRAYKEY obtains initial access for each device, you complete the extractions using an existing machine and a USB hub to simultaneously extract the data — freeing up your GRAYKEY to continue gaining access to the remaining devices.

With the extractions ready to go in record time, you transition the case to Magnet AXIOM, where the mobile data is combined with computer, vehicle, and cloud sources for review, analysis, and reporting in the most complete platform for forensic investigations.

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