• New in IEF v6.3

    Enhanced Tools for the Investigation of Pictures

    IEF v6.3's new set of integrated features intended to assist law
    enforcement with the identification and categorization of pictures.


    ADVANCED v6.3

    Mobile Messenger & Mobile Social-Networking

    The use of mobile messenger and mobile social-networking
    applications has exploded in the past year. With this release,
    IEF v6.3 adds support for the recovery of artifacts from a host
    of additional mobile chat and social-networking applications.

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    Digital Forensics Whitepaper

    How Important are Facebook Artifacts?

    With the increased popularity of Facebook, comes the potential that it will
    be used in a crime or at least as a secondary source of evidence providing
    information about the crime. As a social network, the likelihood of a suspect
    using Facebook as a communications medium to discuss an incident can
    be quite high.This whitepaper discusses the common Facebook artifacts
    that can be potential sources of vital evidence key to an investigation.