White Paper: 4 Steps to Forensic Windows Password Cracking

Your Guide to a Repeatable Process for Determining and Retrieving User Passwords

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In late 2016, Microsoft introduced a large anniversary update for Windows 10, which included changes to the standard Windows 10 login workflow. Designed to address a vulnerability that allowed malicious users to deploy a certain form of ransomware, these changes nonetheless rendered most password cracking tools useless.

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  • What the changes entailed and where password data is now located.
  • How to obtain the SAM and SYTEM hives from the forensic image.
  • Using MIMIKATZ to unencrypt the NTLM encrypted hash.
  • How to use the AXIOM Wordlist Generator to create a dictionary file of the words contained in the case file that has been processed.
  • Using hashcat to run a dictionary attack against the NTLM to recover the password

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