Uncover & surface the most mobile evidence

Magnet Graykey provides the most comprehensive access for iOS and leading Android devices, providing quick, lawful access and extraction of encrypted data from mobile devices. When Graykey is combined with your existing instances of Axiom, the combined solution provides the most comprehensive, end-to-end digital forensic platform available.

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Axiom and Graykey – better together

Magnet Graykey and Axiom provide a complete end-to-end solution for mobile investigations, streamlining every step of your workflow.

Get the most evidence

Combining Graykey’s industry-leading mobile acquisition with Axiom gets the most data and provides the best analysis for iOS and Android devices. Acquire the most mobile evidence possible, including deleted data, with the most complete access, extraction, parsing and carving.

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Simplify your workflow

Integrating Axiom and Graykey makes it seamless to ingest Graykey images for Axiom’s most advanced analysis of mobile data. Connect Axiom to Graykey to load extractions directly from the device or initiate processing of extractions in Axiom directly from the Graykey Interface.

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Faster results

Don’t lose time and momentum switching platforms and adjusting data, Axiom and Graykey work together to get you actionable insights from mobile devices and, other data sources, to accelerate your investigations.

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Graykey – accelerate your mobile investigations

With mobile evidence playing a critical role in nearly every criminal investigation, Graykey provides the access you need to examine iOS and Android devices effectively.

Reliable brute force

Graykey utilizes advanced techniques to optimize passcode brute force to deliver the fastest brute force speeds on all devices while also expanding Android coverage.


Graykey is fast, providing same-day access for iOS and leading Android devices – often in less than one hour.

Depth of data

Graykey collects full file systems extractions, including encrypted and inaccessible data, from iOS and Android devices finding evidence that other tools miss.

Scalable mobile solution

Graykey Fastrak enables extractions from multiple mobile devices simultaneously so you can get on top and stay on top of your backlog.

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Customer story | Rochester Police Department

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Customer story | Rochester Police Department

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Learn how the Rochester Police Department used Magnet Graykey to gain access to a suspect’s phone and secure the key evidence needed to get a homicide and narcotics conviction.

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Add Graykey's same day extraction of mobile devices to your toolkit

Talk to an expert to see how Magnet Graykey and Axiom can be used together to save you time and unlock the most critical evidence for your investigations. For Graykey inquiries, please use your agency-issued email to complete the submission. All submissions will be vetted, and, a team member will be in contact with you once validated.